How Many Trees Should I Plant?

The number of trees you plant will depend, of course, on how much fruit your family consumes.  The reference tables on the Mid Klamath Foodsheds website tell you how much fruit you can expect to harvest from each variety on different rootstocks.  Don’t be intimidated by the quantities.  You can spread your harvest throughout the season so that your fruit does not ripen all at once (see below). Some of the fruit will be culls and a lot of weight is lost when processing fruits.   If you intend to preserve your fruit by juicing, canning or drying then you will want to plan accordingly.  Consider the following processing conversions:

20 LB of fresh fruit yields approximately:

¨      1 ½ to 2 LB dried fruit

¨      1 gallon of juice

¨      About 5 quarts of fruit preserves