Workshops & Events

We have no workshops scheduled at Sandy Bar Ranch for 2016.  Our educational efforts have been mostly throught the Mid Klamath Watershed Council,we recommend you have alook at their calendar for educational workshops and events.

Feedback from Course Participants:

"Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I have learned so much and can truly say this is a life changing experience.'

"I LOVED being at Sandy Bar Ranch, it was the perfect place to learn about Permaculture- so many great examples and opportunities for hands-on learning."

"Surpassed my expectations!"

Permaculture Design Course Topics Include:

Permaculture Ethics & Principles, Zone & Sector Analysis,Zone and sector analysis is a primary permaculture design tool.

The Design Process,Trees & Food Forests,Grafting  Pruning & Grafting,

Natural Building,Natural Building Watersheds, Animal Systems, The Keyline Method,Greywater Water Catchment & Storage, Integrated Pest Management, Plant Guilds, Traditional Ecological Knowledge,  Surveying for MicrohydroAppropriate Technology,Hands-on Gardening, Greywater,A-frame Mushrooms & Permaculture, Alternative Energy, Soil Management, Mixing CobSurveying & Mapping, Invisible Structures.